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Legacy Gift Grant Awards for Spring 2018

May 29, 2018

The Legacy Gift Committee of New England Yearly Meeting is pleased to announce the grant awards for spring 2018.

NEYM Future Fund:

Christine Green/Amesbury Monthly Meeting: to develop digital resources designed to reach and inspire “pre‐Quakers” through social media and the Amesbury Meeting website. The focus will be on creating content that authentically but concisely portrays Quaker ways, emphasizes community, and appeals to young people. Advanced social media tactics will be modeled for the benefit of other meetings (including techniques for cross‐promoting with NEYM meetings). Grant: $4,000

Beacon Hill Friends House (BHFH): to support the BHFH Quaker Learning and Quaker Action programmingrough the hiring of a full-time Program Manager. The Program Manager will lead BHFH’s work to create greater opportunities for advocacy, social action, and education related to Friends’ principles and practices, for Quakers and others, in and outside the Boston area. Grant: $10,000.

Maggie Nelson/Portland Monthly Meeting: for a pilot project to develop and lead a series of workshops and retreats for New England Friends of all ages that explore art as a practice of faith, guided by the advices and queries from NEYM’s Faith and Practice. Grant:$2,000

Maida McKenna/Storrs Monthly Meeting: to support a multicultural curriculum project for children aged 4 to 8 that integrates the Quaker, Buddhist and Hindu values of human rights as a recognition of the divine spirit in all peoples. This project includes the creation of books, lesson guides, and teacher-training video-tutorials. The curriculum will be implemented in 5 schools in Nepal, in the 2018–2019 academic year. The project anticipates that teachers from Moses Brown School will participate in book-development workshops and use the materials in their classrooms. The curriculum materials will be made available to other Quaker schools in the U.S. and overseas. Grant: $10,000

Jay O’Hara/West Falmouth Monthly Meeting: to support Jay O'Hara’s ongoing work to build a stronger community of individuals undertaking nonviolent prophetic acts of climate change witness. This project will bring together Friends, secular climate activists, and others committed to an integrated nonviolence approach to building a climate insurgency strategy based on faith and love rather than the structures of white supremacy, and will build the deep relationship necessary for taking substantial risks in action. Grant $4,000 (2nd installment)

NEYM Witness and Ministry Fund:

Kristina Keefe-Perry/Fresh Pond Meeting: for the first year of a multi-year project to establish an innovative, semi-programmed Friends church in the Boston area that is an open and affirming, Christian, Quaker expression of worship and connection. Grant: $16,890

Steven Whinfield/New Haven Meeting: to support God’s calling of Friends Committee on National Legislation as a Visiting Friend to New England Yearly Meetings, to deepen the understanding of the structure of FCNL and to give witness to the difficult prophetic work being done in Washington, D.C. Grant: $2,000                 

Diane Dicranian/Winthrop Center Friends Church: to release Diane to be a state coordinator for Phase I of Rev. Dr. William Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign in the state of Maine. Grant: $10,000

The next application deadline is October 1, 2018. For application information please click here.

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