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Fall 2017 Legacy Gift Grant Awards

Dec 8, 2017

The Legacy Gift Committee of New England Yearly Meeting joyfully announces the fall 2017 grants from the NEYM Future Fund. New England Friends are deeply engaged in faithful ministry in New England and around the world, and we are honored to have a small role in helping this work to flourish.

South Starksboro Monthly Meeting: to repair and restore the historic meetinghouse wood stove, thus preserving this historical and functional part of the Meeting House for the next generation of Friends. Grant: $2,000

Jay O’Hara, West Falmouth Preparative Meeting: to release Jay O'Hara to design, pilot, and begin to implement a series of 5-day retreats to build a stronger community of individuals undertaking nonviolent prophetic acts of climate change witness. This project will bring together Friends, secular climate activists and others committed to an integrated nonviolence approach to building a climate insurgency strategy based on faith and love rather than the structures of white supremacy, and will build the deep relationship necessary for taking substantial risks in action. Grant: $8,000

Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS): to support the expansion of QVS outreach and recruitment efforts, and increased support for Fellows of color, including strengthening of QVS’ anti-oppression competencies across the organization; and to educate and train QVS Fellows, staff, board, and supporters, growing together into their aspiration to be an anti-racist organization. Grant: $9,000

Providence Monthly Meeting: to purchase and install a lift to make the meetinghouse accessible, as part of a major building expansion, to enable people with restricted mobility to participate fully in meeting and community activities. Grant: $10,000.

NEYM Youth Ministries Committee: to enable a cohort of First Day School teachers from around the Yearly Meeting to attend “Beyond Diversity 101” at Pendle Hill. This training is part of a comprehensive plan taking shape to prepare and equip Quaker Religious Educators, First Day School teachers, and others to lead in the vital work of countering white supremacy.  Grant: $5,280.

Lisa Graustein, Beacon Hill Monthly Meeting: to pilot a 3-month racial justice course for Friends. The course will use a mix of worship-sharing, reading, prayer, teaching, and spiritual sharing to support Friends in deepening their understanding of racial justice and their work for racial justice in their communities. Grant: $350.

Peter Blood-Patterson, Mt. Toby Monthly Meeting: to release Peter to create a series of Quaker adult education courses for use by monthly meetings that will help orient new attenders to Quaker faith and practice, deepen the spiritual life of meetings, and prepare meeting communities to recognize and respond to God’s call to prophetic witness. Grant: $7,000.

Kathleen Wooten, Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting: to release Kathleen to work on Becoming “ePublishers of Truth,” an experiment in digital communications among Friends meetings in New England. Kathleen will work with interested meetings in using digital tools for internal and external communications and outreach. She will develop a set of resources for Quakers in New England meetings, and lead a series of electronic gatherings to share resources and learn new ways of communicating the Message of the Quaker Movement in digital spaces. Grant: $7,500.

Framingham Monthly Meeting: to replace existing inefficient single-pane windows with energy-efficient windows as the first phase of a larger multi-year project to convert the Meetinghouse facility to renewable energy. Framingham Friends also see this as an outreach opportunity to make the meeting facilities more attractive for use by Quakers and outside groups. Grant: $9,000

Ralph Greene, China Monthly Meeting and Winkenpaugh Friends Fellowship: to provide transportation so that Ralph Greene, recorded minister, can continue to carry out his ministry in rural Maine. Grant: $3,500.

Friends Meeting at Cambridge, Material Aid and Advocacy Program (MAAP): to continue their witness and work supporting community members experiencing homelessness or who are living in poverty through material aid, access to resources and advocacy. The grant will allow the over 70-year-old program to continue on independently and build a sustainable future outside of AFSC, and build stronger connections to the Quaker community through outreach presentations at local meetings. Grant: $9,000.

The next application deadine is March 1, 2018. For application information please click here.

Yours in the Light,

Suzanna Schell (Beacon Hill) and Jean McCandless (Burlington), co-clerks
NEYM Legacy Gift Committee: Craig Jensen (Monadnock), Ed Mair (Amesbury), Sue Rockwood (Midcoast), Jen Bowman (Camden, DE), Morgan Wilson (Framingham); ex officio: Fritz Weiss, NEYM presiding clerk; Shearman Taber, NEYM treasurer; Sarah Gant, NEYM Permanent Board clerk



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