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Why We Canceled the 6th Grade Retreat

Feb 18, 2015

Dear Wondrous 6th Graders,

Your group is truly full of life and Light, and all of us in JYM and JHYM love you dearly!  Unfortunately, there are not many of you.  I’ve been thinking about this all year.  As I began preparing for the 6th Grade Retreat, I had to finally admit to myself that there aren’t enough of you to actually create the kind of rhythm that retreat usually has.  There aren’t enough of you to have the Bodyworks Gender Discussions really work, especially.  So, with a lot of sadness, I have decided to cancel the 6th Grade Retreat for this year. 

I am very sure you are disappointed.  You need to know that I am at least as disappointed as you – it is my favorite retreat every year.  I really am so, so, so sorry.

We are talking about how to do some parts of the 6th Grade Retreat during the March JHYM Retreat at Wellesley Meeting (it’s March 20-22nd), including having a modified version of the Bodyworks Workshop and a time for you to get your handprints on the 6th Grade Banner.  We also want to build in time when the rest of the community celebrates and honors you for being the unique and wonderful people that you are.  It will not be the same, but it will be pretty special.  For sure.

Please do not for one second think that we love you any less or don’t think you are worthy of celebrating because all of those thoughts are not true!  This decision is because, for whatever reason, not many Quakers had babies the year you were born!   (See, that makes you all the more special!)

If you need to talk or complain or express yourself about this decision, be in touch with me.  I really hope you can come to the March JHYM Retreat.  Please let me know, okay?

With hugs, love, and a good dose of Quaker whining,


P.S.  If we have a similar retreat next year, yes, yes, you can come.   



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