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Parent Comments

Feb 18, 2014


Parent Comments

Dear Staffers/Friends,

The following selections are positive comments received recently from parents who sent their children to our retreat program. Most of the notes are addressed to Kevin as the coordinator, because they have my contact info. But the real credit belongs equally to all our Staff across the board, year in and year out. Thank you! Enjoy.

As written by Christine Hamilton, retreat attender from Framingham Friends Meeting, writing for her meeting's newsletter: (Thanks Anne for sharing this with us also!)

"The Quaker retreats are very fun.  I went to the retreat in Westport 
in November.  We went to the beach.  The theme of the retreat was 
"Love".  We talked about love in small groups.  Two of the groups were 
putting together kits for people in Africa to keep healthy and reading a 
story about love.  There are lots of nice people there.  On Saturday 
nights we always dress up and have a talent show.  The next retreat is 
at Wellesley in January.  I think all the kids from Framingham Friends 
Meeting should try a retreat!!"

Now if that doesn't float your boat, you are in the wrong business!!

Love, Anne  1.05


  Kiri is very excited,  she was very upset about missing the last retreat.  (so much so she said she would choose retreats over theater this spring if she had to choose,  but she doesn't).   12.04


  Thank you for all the wonderful retreats.  Isabel LOVES them and you!   12/04


Kevin Lee and all of your incredible, amazing staff - thank you for holding and loving my child and all of our children.  Your gifts are deeply appreciated.

Jamie T.     (Ana's Mom)  1.05


Hi Kevin--We are just chuckling as we read over this message--guess we got to experience the worst-case scenario! (Huge blizzard during our retreat)

Christine declared this retreat, "the best retreat ever", and she has loved every one!  She was so excited to be part of retreat history.  Many thanks to you and the rest of the staff for taking such good care of everyone and allowing us to enjoy a worry-free weekend despite difficult conditions. 
Janet             1.05


Kevin -- 
I just love your "bring-it-on," open-arms spirit.  Combined with your unrelenting commitment (not to mention your family's as well) to these kids...well, I just think you are the tops.

Thank you!  Personally, I hope it blows a blizzard, in which case, as a local family I'll ski or dog sled in or something with maple syrup for all the football snow cones!  Or (more seriously) offer housing for stuck kids and staff. 
Sarah G.  1.21.05


  Dear Kevin and all staffers -- 
Thank you a million times over for the wonderful retreat.  Avery comes away from each one bursting with joy and love and friendships, an inch taller and seemingly years more mature.  We're so grateful for the love you all give these kids.

  Hugs,   Heidi


This was our first retreat, Kevin, and a humdinger it was, too!  (The Blizzard) Thanks to you and all the wonderful staff, Nicholas and we will surely be coming back for more. Thank you so much for your kindness and dedication -
Michelle C. and Chris K.                      (1.05)


Hi Gretchen, 
Thanks for all the work you do for the Junior retreats.  Edie had a wonderful time and is really looking forward to the next meeting. 
Amy S. (Edith’s mom)


……And thank you all for a great retreat....Quinn said she wrote on her evaluation that the best thing about the retreat was staying an extra day!  As a friend said to me...."did you know what an evaluation was at age 9?" many different experiences for our kids, it's great. 
    This happened just in time, Quinn is trying to decide whether or not she would feel comfortable going to Friends Camp for a week this summer, she has never been away that long.  She got to experience what it would almost be like with the storm day!  
Susan L.


Dear Kevin

I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the JYMR staff for the wonderful January retreat.  My daughter Edith had a great time and has enjoyed sharing her experience with the children at the New Haven meeting. The first thing she said to me when I arrived on Monday to pick her up was, "Mom, can I go to the next one?"  Unfortunately, Edith has a choir concert on May 21 and 22nd so she will not be able to attend the next retreat.  She is very disappointed, but hopefully she'll be able to make the Fall 2005 retreats.  
Thanks again , Amy S.


  Hi Kevin & Gretchen,

  …….Becky so loved the retreat!  Last night she was writing away in her journal about a recent dream she had.  You both continue to be a great source of love for me and my children 
With love,   Karin 4/8/05


Dear Gretchen & Kevin (& please forward on to the rest of the staff)-- I just wanted you to know that the kids were ecstatic about the retreat--"the best retreat ever!"  They really loved it.  And those books!  Something for them to treasure forever. Thank you all so much for taking good care of Ben and the other kids. 
Nat    4/3/05


Again, thank you for hosting what seems to have been a very nourishing experience for Anneke. I was just outside raking, and overheard her sharing with a friend how wonderful her weekend was. She is now curled up with her journal......

Thank you again. Will you pass this on to Gretchen? 
Warmly, Mie E. 4/3/05


Kevin,  Great pictures thanks for much for sending them on.  I am surprised Robin did not come home a lot of scratches on her chest (from body surfing through mud puddles!).  Thanks for your love and care for the wonderful children of our Yearly Meeting.  Love to you, Margy  4/10/05



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