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Acts of Kindness

Oct 14, 2015
Gretchen Baker-Smith

The most recent JHYM Retreat's theme was How Can I Help?  We talked a lot about giving and receiving.  During a time of worship, we all listened within and then committed to doing a particular act of kindness.  Here is our collective list.  Maybe reading it will inspire you to do a small act of kindness today, too.


I want to try to help the disabled students in my choir read sheet music.

I want to learn sign language to talk with deaf people/children.

I will try to reconcile with Jim.

I will be able to help those in need, either/or any impediments will not matter, for my mission will be complete.

I will leave crochet hearts where people will find them.  ♥

I will help out the elders in my family, especially my great-grandmother, with her Alzheimer’s.  I will also give respect to the homeless.

I will smile at EVERYONE.

Not say no!

I’ll help and check on my grandmother more than I usually do.

I’ll walk my dog each morning.

I’ll be kind to my brother for 24-48 hours straight.

I will sit with someone who’s alone.

I will hold the door loading the trailer.

I will try to get less angry at people.

I will mow the lawn even when it’s not my turn.

I will go visit Barbara who has been asking me to visit for months.

I’m going to try to go to the next Work Day at our meeting house.

I will offer a stranger that looks lost, directions.

I will bring something yummy to a neighbor.

I will help my mom around the house and be nice to my brother for 48 hours.

I will respond to homeless people on the street.

I will thank bus drivers (sincerely).

I will give an extra hug and make someone smile.

I will go to a park and pick up litter around the playground.

I will help with cleanup after fellowship at the rise of Meeting.

I will give away a random Magic Card.

I will put up with my brother for 24 hours straight.

I will refrain from sarcasm for a whole day.

I will just smile.

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