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2018 Annual Report

Oct 17, 2018

As we did last year, the Friends Camp Committee met four times this year, with our most recent meeting coinciding with a well-attended work weekend. We remain grateful for the many volunteers who help in so many ways, not only during that one particular weekend, but throughout the year.

Our enrollment remains strong, and while we are ever vigilant as to what brings in new campers and what nourishes and sustains our returning ones, we are fortunate to have a director, Anna Hopkins, whose energy, leadership and outreach has been vital to these efforts. As a committee clerk, I also want to express not only my appreciation, but also profound admiration for the dedication, skills, and depth of caring that committee members bring to their subcommittee work.

Working with other committees and the staff of NEYM, we have revised our budgeting approval process and schedule to better reflect our fiscal condition, considering the seasonal nature of Friends Camp. This process revision also allows us to work with more recent actual income and expenses data, and less on projections.

Maine winters and heavy summer usage takes a toll on the buildings and infrastructure. This summer will open with a new ceiling and other improvements in the dining hall (“Big Bird”) and a new, small, multi-use building primarily designed to store and sell camp merchandise, which fittingly came to be named “Magpie.” A new well is in place at the waterfront. Many other maintenance needs, too numerous to mention, have been thoughtfully attended to.

When addressing maintenance, improvements and additions, we pay careful attention to the broader Quaker values of stewardship. Perhaps that should go without saying. What is often unspoken is all of our work is that of continuing revelation—continuing revelation as to what to hold on to, what to change, and most of all, how we meet the ever evolving physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of our campers and our staff.

—Tom Antonik, clerk

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