Excerpts from the FUM Personnel Policy

Some excerpts from the FUM Employee Manual as approved in 2011 and in effect as of December 2019, excerpted by Frederick Martin, NEYM representative to FUM General Board.

The entire section of the personnel policy that includes NEYM's concern, the “Policy on Personal Ethics,” appears on page 11 of the manual.

The sentence that causes concern for New England Friends is highlighted in bold italics. Note the non-discrimination language highlighted in italics just above it. Note also the minuted lack of unity appended at the bottom, highlighted in bold.

Policy on Personal Ethics

FUM’s purpose is to extend the Body of Christ and to energize and equip the Religious Society of Friends to gather people into Christian fellowships. It is therefore imperative, both for the integrity of our programs and for the sake of our relationships with our constituency, that Friends United Meeting’s employees evidence a Christian motivation and that they are members of the Society of Friends or have a sympathetic acquaintance with Friends.

Friends United Meeting holds to the traditional Friends testimonies of peace (nonviolence), simplicity, truth speaking, community, gender and racial equality, chastity, and fidelity in marriage. It is expected that the lifestyle of all staff and volunteer appointees of Friends United Meeting will be in accordance with these testimonies.

Friends United Meeting affirms the civil rights of all people. Staff and volunteer appointments and promotions are made without regard to sex, race, national origin, age, physical disability, or sexual orientation. It is expected however that intimate sexual behavior should be confined to traditional marriage, understood to be between one man and one woman.

(The Policy on Personal Ethics was approved by the General Board of Friends United Meeting in “Minute 88 GB 52”)

An additional minute, attached to this section in October 2012, reads: “The General Board did not find unity regarding the section on Personal Ethics in section 4, but acknowledged that the policy had been approved by the General Board in 1988 with minute 88-GB-52 and remained in effect.”

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Excerpts from the FUM Personnel Manual