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Quaker Afternoon Picnic Church


Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 5:15pm


Tyler Room, Burnham Hall
89 Brattle St
Cambridge , MA


I'm so excited to remind you that Quaker Dinner Church—Picnic edition—will gather THIS SUNDAY, July 21, at 5:15 pm (come at 4:15–4:30 to set up!!). Because of the excessive heat warning we will move inside to a space that is air conditioned. We will still be at the Lesley Brattle Campus—in the Tyler Room on the first floor of Burnham Hall, which is wheelchair accessible.  The address is still 89 Brattle St. Look for the brightly colored signs with the big Q and an arrow!!  Please RSVP so that facilities can provide adequate tables and chairs! 

We will gather at 5:15 to light candles and sing. Together we will consider the concept of the ecotone—that is where two different ecosystems meet. It is also where there is lots of new life and innovation. We'll wonder about how the community of Acts transformed by the Holy Spirit is like an ecotone and how this newly emerging Quaker Meeting might be like one, too? At the tables, as we share a meal together, we will converse about where each of us senses Life and Power these days. 

I am especially excited for this gathering as it is the beginning of a new season for what has previously felt like a series of events. I am eager to share with you the clarity that has emerged since our previous gathering; one that emphasizes community building. We'll consider  together some of the story of Pentecost and the ways that the Spirit leads people to come together—and we will talk about ways we might be faithful community with each other, at our small table-groups. 

What is Quaker Dinner Church Boston? At Quaker Dinner church we share a meal of local foods, singing, queries, conversation, and expectant waiting worship in the manner of Friends (a practice of settling into a quiet space for collective listening for what some call the Still Small Voice, or Inner Teacher). We work together to set the space with the goal of encouraging people to walk with one another and bring their questions and desires for conversation. The event is a welcoming Christian space: you don’t need to be a Quaker or a Christian to be there and everyone is welcome! We converse at our tables over a set of queries (focused question on which we can reflect).  Before the meal there will be song, a reading, and message and then we extend conversation to the room as we share at tables and in a large group.   

This is a family-friendly event.  Kids are warmly invited! 

Set-up and Clean-Up
An important part of Quaker Dinner Church is that we create it together. Though this is an outdoor picnic (so much of the food will be pre-made) you can come and help to set the tables, put out the food, make name tags, and ready the sand-bowls in preparation for our time together. We also work as a group to reset the space, as a way of closing our time together.  If you want participate in set-up, please arrive at 4:15 p.m. Kid-friendly snacks and food will be provided from the start. We’ll gather in a circle at 5:15pm to begin.  Those who want to stay and clean up can linger when it’s finished—it’s a great time to continue conversation!   

Transportation and Parking
Sherrill Plaza is located on the Brattle Campus of Lesley University at 89 Brattle Street in Cambridge Massachusetts-  on the old Episcopal Divinity School campus -- just off the Harvard Square T (red line) and bus station blocks away. It's between Brattle St and Phillips Place. 


Contact Information

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