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Quaker Campus Ministry & Welcoming College Students into Our Local Meetings: Continuing the Conversation


Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 10:00am to 3:00pm


6 Chestnut St
Boston , MA


A vital conversation started in March at our first Consultation on supporting and nurturing college students. Our questions are deepening and our circle is growing!

Diego Navarro, the former Presiding Clerk of Pacific YM, will be our special guest. He will share insights from his innovative and time-tested programming created to support at-risk college students. He rendered learnings from Quaker youth retreats about awakening spirituality and community formation into non-religious language. We are reaching out to additional Friends within and beyond NEYM to energize and deepen our ministry. Please consider sending a team from your local meeting. The questions that are guiding this work are: On Campus

  • What are the forms of campus ministry that work for Friends?
  • How can we negotiate the college bureaucracy to reach students?
  • How do we develop leadership and the spirituality of college students?

At the Meetinghouse

  • How can we help our meetings see a vital role as way stations for college students on their spiritual and life journeys?
    What are the barriers and obstacles for students accessing meeting?
  • How can we overcome our stereotypes about college students? 

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