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Clerking Workshop


Saturday, September 21, 2019 (All day)


Friends Meetinghouse
225 East Grand Ave
New Haven , CT


Join Friends to develop skills in Quaker decision-making processes in our meetings and committees. We are offering a workshop to help community members gain more knowledge and skills. This workshop is open to all; we especially encourage people who are currently clerks of meetings, committees or other groups, as well as people would like to become more active participants or leaders themselves. The workshops will be led by Fritz Weiss and Honor Woodrow, past presiding clerk and current clerk of Ministry & Counsel of New England Yearly Meeting.

Introduction to Clerking/Friends Decision Making

In the morning session, we will focus on key components of Friends decision making such as agenda, clerk, recording clerk, etc. This will be a good workshop for people with little to no experience clerking. You are encouraged to participate in the afternoon workshop as well if you are able.

Delving Deeper into Clerking and Friends Decision-Making

In the afternoon session, participants will gain experience facilitating Friends decision-making. Using scenarios, you will have the opportunity to serve in various roles as well as problem-solve challenges that arise in this process. The afternoon workshop is designed for people who have already had some introduction to clerking and Friends decision-making.


9:00–9:30 Friendly gathering over tea and coffee

9:30–12:30 Clerking basics

12:30–1:30 Brown bag lunch

1:30–4:00 Delving deeper

Questions about the workshop may be directed to Fritz Weiss.

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