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Opening Reception: Respeto/Respect Exhibition


Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 12:15pm


5 Longfellow Park
Cambridge , MA


This event was postponed from January 2oth due to snow.

Erica Adams (West Falmouth, MA, Preparative Meeting) has organized the first Quaker venue of the traveling exhibition Respeto/Respect by the Chiapas Photography Project (CPP) in Chiapas, México. Her work includes educational materials that she created as part of a grant from the New England Yearly Meeting Legacy Gift fund.

Respeto/Respect features photographs and trilingual text by seven Maya women from two different ethnic-linguistic groups and non-traditional religions who are staff of the Chiapas Photography Project, and demonstrates Maya religious diversity and coexistence after decades of strife in Chiapas, México; these are values shared in common by Quakers and Maya/CPP. Issues embedded in this exhibit include indigenous and women’s rights and autonomy, post-colonialism, and decolonization.

The Reception with a gallery talk by curator Erica Adams will be in the Friends Room.

The exhibit will be at Friends Meeting at Cambridge from January 3 through February 27, 2019.

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