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June 9: Racial Dialogue Capacity-Building Workshop


Saturday, June 9, 2018 - 9:45am to 3:00pm


Friends Meetinghouse
26 Benvenue St.
Wellesley , MA


Both meetings and individual Friends throughout New England are in different stages of engagement with the Minute on White Supremacy. This is to be expected. The Permanent Board working group on Challenging White Supremacy (CWS) has been charged with both recording what is happening and encouraging meetings and individuals to be bold in their engagement. We wish to affirm that:

Wherever you are is FINE and Beloved—But it’s not ok to stay there!”

Let us all learn and share skills and ideas to further the growth of awareness that can lead to transformed hearts, healing, and meaningful action. 

CWS urges and encourages every monthly meeting to consider sending Friends to a June 9th training to learn how to facilitate racial dialogue. If your meeting is already actively engaged please come share what you are doing with others who are just beginning!

FMI contact: Challenging White Supremacy, [email protected]

The morning will be hands-on learning, and experiencing a racial dialogue exercise developed by Julie de Sherbinin and used very successfully at Portland and Vassalboro Friends Meetings. Friends will receive materials about how to conduct this, and other exercises, to use back home. In the afternoon, Lisa Graustein (Beacon Hill Friends Meeting) will lead a workshop focused on the facilitation skills needed to have productive, supportive, and growthful conversations for racial justice. Friends at all levels are warmly invited and Meetings are encouraged to send more than one person, where possible. Please complete one registration form for each participant by June 6th. Our goal is to establish a mutually supportive cadre of committed Friends who can learn from and inspire one another in transformative ways, to foster racial healing at all levels.

To Register:  complete this form by Wednesday, June 6th.  A form for printing and mailing is attached below, if you prefer to register by mail.

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