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FCNL Advocacy Teams Workshop


Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm


Monadnock Meetinghouse
3 Davidson Rd
Jaffrey , NH
New Hampshire


Be the Change Congress Needs 

Time and time again, people from across the U.S. see our elected officials struggle to solve the problems that matter most.

Instead, money, corporations and apathy continue to feed governmental gridlock. We're left wondering, What can we do to restore our democracy?

When the Congressional Management Foundation surveyed hundreds of Congressional staff members, they found that in-person meetings with your members of Congress are the most effective way to influence policy decisions. Change in Congress starts with you. 

Please join Maiya Zwerling, FCNL’s National Field Organizer, for a workshop:

Learn to

  • Influence your members of Congress and their staff through face-to-face conversations
  • Drive the media coverage you want to see
  • Build a strategic team in your community that lobbies as part of a powerful national advocacy network


Let Barbara Jo Kingsley know if you need overnight hospitality.

Join the 2017 campaign focused on reducing pentagon spending:  

Click here to learn more about Advocacy Teams. 


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