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Tending The Flock—supporting pastoral ministry in our meetings


Friday, April 27, 2018 - 7:30pm to Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 12:30pm


Powell House Old Chatham , NY
New York


In each of our Friends Meetings—regardless of the form of our worship—there are Friends to whom God has given a heart for this particular people; this particular community.  

Such Friends feel called, not only to walk lovingly alongside individuals, and encourage them in their spiritual development, but hold a concern for the wellbeing of the Meeting as a body.  Each Friend brings gifts to the ecosystem of the Meeting. Those with specifically pastoral gifts find laid upon their hearts; the health of the whole, and they express this calling in a variety of ways which may include vocal ministry, spiritual accompaniment and encouragement, pastoral care, teaching, conflict resolution and facilitating the ongoing connectedness of the Meeting community.  They hold “the big picture.”  

Pastoral ministry is alive among Friends, whether or not we recognize it by that name.

For the past several years New England and New York Yearly Meetings have been working to find new ways to support Friends called to pastoral ministry.  This year we have recognized that perhaps the definition we have been using has been too limited, and sense that it is time to re-examine how this support is offered.

“Tending the Flock” will be a gathering for—and of—such Friends, called into pastoral ministry (by whatever name), for mutual encouragement and growth, supported by skilled facilitation and informative presentations led by Jan Wood of North Seattle (Washington) Friends Church.

In keeping with our commitment to welcome Friends regardless of financial means, this is a Pay-As-Led event.

More about the workshop facilitator:

Jan Wood is a former pastor, teacher, administrator, and gifted minister, called to writing and speaking, organizational consulting, and spiritual direction. Jan is well-known across the branches of Friends and beyond for her work helping congregations to recognize and support the varieties of spiritual gifts in support of the life of the whole community.

She also currently directs GOOD NEWS Associates. She authored Christians at Work: Not Business as Usual (Herald Press, 1999) and Practicing Discernment Together: Finding God’s Way Forward in Decision Making (Barclay Press, 2007).

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