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Gathering with a Concern for Gospel Ministry


Sunday, April 2, 2017 (All day)


Friends Meetinghouse
43 Lebanon St.
Hanover , NH
New Hampshire


If you have a concern for gospel ministry, if you sense a calling toward being a spiritual nurturer, if you find yourself called to vocal ministry in worship, or if you hunger for deep Spirit-led fellowship, join us in Hanover, New Hampshire

Gospel ministry is service whose goal is to encourage, support, push, or invite people to seek and respond to the guidance, teaching, and activity of that Light and Life at work in all, right now. It is not merely speaking words in meetings for worship, but, under a sense of obedience to the motions of the Spirit, using words, deeds, or silent striving to help others (and ourselves) forward to the more abundant life that Jesus sought for his disciples, his friends. — On Living With a Concern for Gospel Ministry, Brian Drayton

We’re a small theologically diverse group of Friends called to meet and support each other in traditional forms of ministry and its various modern interpretations that are alive among Friends today. Friends will worship together, share their journeys, and discuss the joys and trials of living a life close to the Spirit.

If you feel a tug toward gospel ministry, if you provide support and accountability for someone who does, or if you are just gospel ministry-curious, join us! 

What to bring:

  • a brown bag lunch,
  • a Friend: older Friends bring a young Friend with a budding gift, younger Friends, bring an older Friend who might be surprised to be invited
  • an open heart.

Hanover Friends meet for singing at 9:35, and for worship at 10:00. After some companionship with Hanover Friends, we will gather.

It’s helpful to have a rough idea how many Friends might join us, so if you hope to come, please let Carl Williams know (contact information below).

Contact Information

Carl Williams

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

901 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01602

(508) 754-6760 - [email protected]