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Falmouth Quarter Called Meeting for Extended Worship


Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 9:30am to 12:00pm


Friends Meetinghouse
1837 Forest Ave
Portland , ME


This extended meeting for worship will be followed by light lunch with affinity tables on a variety of topics. Please come for some or all of the day.

Our worship may be guided by one or more queries as well as Micah 6:8. Col.2:2 and Matt 5:13-16 and possibly a hymn to end the worship with.

Why is this being offered?  In this time of turmoil in our nation and communities it is important to be focused and seek internal as well as external peace. Let us be knit together with love, to walk humbly with out God to listen and to then love mercy and do justice. What does it mean in Southern Maine to be Salt and Light in our communities?

The affinity groups and resource table will give us opportunities to learn more about different efforts in Southern Maine to welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, support children, speak truth to power, and to do it with love seeking understanding.  Please send suggested resources, organizations or individuals to Dorothy Grannell.

Contact Information

Dorothy Grannell

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

901 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01602

(508) 754-6760 - [email protected]