School of the Spirit: Participating in God's Power

Applications are due December 15th!


How do we go deeper in our spiritual lives and serve more profoundly in a world that is daily moving towards violence, division, and the unraveling of the web of life?

Participating in God’s Power welcomes Friends who seek to develop or deepen in spiritual practice, and to live that learning and growth out in every aspect of their lives.

The name of the program draws in part from a quote by Saint Symeon the New Theologian who wrote “I have seen the Totality, received not in essence, but by participation.  When you light a flame from a flame, it is the same flame that you receive.”  It is through participating, through our actions in the flow of Love, that we become more and more aligned with that force.  As these times become more and more perilous, many of us feel a deep need to have a right and positive impact in our world.  By aligning ourselves with the Divine, listening for how we are led, and acting on those leadings, we hope to meet that hunger to have a positive impact--both within ourselves and on behalf of others.

Participating in God’s Power is a year-long program consisting of five residencies, the first four on long holiday weekends.  The residencies involve spiritual practice, experiential learning, teaching, and learning through two different small groups.  The first small group is a process group, invites participants to encounter and work through acquired “spiritual scar tissue” which blocks fuller access to our hearts, and therefore, to connection with self, other, the Divine, and creation.  The second small group is a practice lab, a place of discerning, support, and accountability, as we listen for leadings for action in our lives, and experiment with following that guidance