Introduction to Faithfulness Groups for those called to Earthcare

June 7, 2023
7:30 to 9:00 p.m.


Marcelle Martin and Mary Ann Percy will introduce Faithfulness Groups as an ongoing small group practice to support Friends (and others) in their work, ministry, and leadings around Earthcare, environmental witness, environmental justice, ecological grief, education about climate change, and building resilient communities.

If you are interested in learning about these small groups, including their format, and how they can support you and others led by the Spirit in this work, join us for an introduction on June 7.

Those who participate in this evening event and wish to learn more, and/or find others to join in an ongoing group will have the opportunity to sign up for a 3-hour workshop that will be held on June 10.

For more information about faithfulness groups, including links to videos on the subject, visit Marcelle’s website,