ARCH Foundations Workshop

A four-part introduction to the Aging, Resources, Consultation and Help network
April 3, 2023
April 17, 2023
May 15, 2023
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


ARCH (Aging Resources Consultation and Help) of New York and New England Yearly Meetings is offering a four-part online workshop as introduction to their network. Friends who are aging themselves or caring for someone older may wish to attend.

We’re all aging, it’s what we do! And sometimes that is wonderful, and sometimes it is scary, but we need not do it alone.

Many Friends of every age accompany one another in all kinds of ways as we grow older. Whether we are considering completing end-of-life decision-making documents, offering visits and phone calls, sharing a listening ear about the challenges of growing older, celebrating milestones, welcoming home an older formerly incarcerated Friend, organizing or accepting care teams in crisis moments, recognizing the spiritual gifts of eldership/mentorship/wisdom, or supporting families and caregivers experiencing grief, burnout, or stress, it is all part of our shared journey. ARCH (Aging Resources Consultation and Help) is here to help us uncover the accompaniment we may already be doing, or would like to feel better equipped for.

The ARCH Foundations Workshop is an introduction to the ARCH network: more than 150 Friends who form a community of practice. It is open to Friends who would like to connect with a network of resources and support for a ministry of caring for each other and ourselves as we grow older or are differently abled. Friends involved with their meeting’s ministry or pastoral care committee, prison ministry, supporting families with children (who may also be supporting older relatives), Friends who are aging ourselves, or caring for someone who is growing older are encouraged to consider this online workshop.

Register here This workshop is offered free of charge.

ARCH Coordinator
Patti Muldoon