Salem Quarterly Meeting

May 22, 2022


Salem Quarterly Meeting will be holding its spring gathering for Worship for the Purpose of Business on May 22, 2022—by Zoom (and possibly as a hybrid gathering).  

Along with any routine pieces of business that come before us we will also consider a proposal for a period of Sabbath. In January, at our winter listening session, we were clear to proceed in developing a proposal that outlines a period of Sabbath for the Quarter, including a proposal for this next gathering of business. This period of Sabbath will be one that lifts up connection, possibilities for delight, and opportunities for grief and lament. This will be a time for making space and discovering a new thing. There is currently an ad-hoc group working on the duration and form of this period, how activities will be structured and by whom, how Salem Quarter's grant funds will be administered, how the Quarter can respond to any "urgent" items of business that may arise, and how discernment will happen at the end of this Sabbath. (Anyone with a desire to labor with these questions can write to [email protected]). This May 22 meeting will happen *after* the Legacy Committee meeting in early May where they will consider a request to administer Salem Quarter funds. Keep your eyes on this space, or the Salem List Serve, for emerging details!