Knitted Together: Mystical Experience and Community Discernment

The 2021 Ernest and Esther Weed Memorial Lecture
October 17, 2021
1:00 p.m.


Sarah Gant (Beacon Hill, MA, Friends Meeting) will deliver this year's Weed Memorial Lecture.

Quakerism offers an invitation to mystical union with the Divine. But how do practitioners enter into this space of transformed consciousness? And, emerging from it, how does one discern how to live in relationship with that experience?

The 2021 Ernest and Esther Weed Memorial Lecture takes a quick romp around the cultural shifts and practices that shaped Christian mysticism, the context of early Quakerism, and the role of community in accompanying those engaged in this profound journey now.

​While mysticism is not unique to Quakerism, the idea that the discernment of the authenticity of experience rests in community is unique. How do communities find the unifying love to take on this discernment with care and wisdom?

​This year, the Weed Lecture will be in a hybrid format—on Zoom and online. Space is limited, so register early in order to get a seat. Once in-person spots are filled, a waitlist will be started. All registrants will have access to the Zoom information.