Familias Separadas Art Exhibit Opening

stories of local community members who have been impacted by detention and deportation
June 13, 2021
1:00 p.m.


Dover Friends Meeting was chosen as one of three national sites for the Familias Separadas public art installations featuring the stories of local community members who have been impacted by detention and deportation. The meeting was chosen because of their Sanctuary Ministry and the presence of an ICE detention center in Dover, N.H.

Award-winning visual artist, Michelle Angela Ortiz will unveil Phase 3 of her "Familias Separadas" public art project this month, with a public art installation in Dover, N.H., that visualizes the testimonials of local community members who have experienced immigrant detention and the threat of deportation. 

Arrive at 1 p.m. and join the Car Caravan at the Strafford County House of Correction, a local ICE facility, at 259 County Farm Rd, Dover, N.H. The caravan circles the jail four times in a witness and ministry of presence for the detainees.

At 2 p.m., the caravan will arrive at the Dover Friends Meeting for a program to honor the installation of the artwork highlighting the stories of "Mark" and "G," undocumented immigrants from Africa who live in New Hampshire. As part of the artwork, dancer/choreographer Anthony Wilder will present a performance that connects to their stories. Speakers will include Grace Kindeke and Maggie Fogarty, both AFSC-NH staff.

The event will be in person (following social distancing protocols) and streamed live on FacebookInstagram, and YouTubeAll are welcome.