Reopening and Reconsidering How We Gather

A New Season for Multigenerational Meeting Life
March 30, 2021
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


As our local Quaker meetings look towards reopening and returning to in-person connection again, we will be faced with the question of what we are led to repeat from our experience before the pandemic and what we are led to re-imagine. 

As we co-create our meeting’s futures, how can we nurture the spiritual needs of Friends of all ages, including children, youth and families? How can we grow to be more truly multigenerational as meeting communities?

Come join our Youth Ministries Committee for a 90-minute workshop on nurturing vibrant, multigenerational connections in our meetings in this season of reconsideration, return, and reopening.

We will put a “spotlight” on Friends who have discovered creative ways to foster life-giving multigenerational connections in their own meetings through fellowship, worship, service and more. We will learn together from the stories and creative insights of our meeting’s youth ministers, who are often of the forefront of inclusion, welcome, and experimentation.

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Quaker Practice & Leadership Facilitator
Nia Thomas