Responding to the Call: Healing from the sin of separation

January 12-February 23, 2021


Responding to the Call is a two-month-long, weekly workshop to do this critical work of climate justice, dismantling white supremacy, and beginning reparations. We will meet every other week in a whole group Zoom session, with alternating weeks dedicated to ongoing small groups. Because the work of systems transformation—both the societal systems we engage with daily and ourselves as systems of change—is not purely academic, this workshop will use somatic and Quaker spiritual practices along with discussions, readings, and videos.

This workshop comes out of several commitments that Quakers in New England have made over the past few years and is open to anyone interested in this work of truth-telling, sustainable living, right relationship, apology & reparations, and liberating our spiritual practices from the white supremacist and classist systems in which they developed.

Participants are encouraged to sign up with area f/Friends so their small group work can be locally grounded. Pending enough registrations, we will also have a small group option dedicated for BIPOC participants.

For more information, visit the Beacon Hill Friends House website.