Thursdays with Friends

Bi-weekly virtual conversation with FCNL
May 7-21, 2020
4:00 to 4:30 p.m.


Thursdays with Friends is hosted by FCNL General Secretary Diane Randall. It will feature FCNL lobbyists and Friends.

This online community conversation will be conducted via Zoom, using enhanced security protocols, and live streamed on YouTube and Facebook. It airs every other Thursday from 4:00-4:30 p.m. EDT, starting April 9.

Whether we are gathered in person or online, we are convinced by our faith and experience to continue building the peaceful, just, equitable, and sustainable global community we seek.

Register here and get the link for the day’s community conversation.

Schedule for April-May 2020:

April 23: Love Thy Neighbor: People in Prisons
A discussion between FCNL’s Diane Randall and José Woss on how people suffering mass incarceration are affected by the pandemic and what is being done to help them. Register here.

May 7: Love Thy Neighbor: Native Americans
A discussion between FCNL’s Diane Randall and Kerri Colfer the state of Indian Country and how Native Americans are coping with this pandemic. Register here.

May 21: War in the Time of a Pandemic
A discussion between FCNL’s Diane Randall and Hassan El-Tayyab on the impact of a pandemic on Yemen and Iran, and the Middle East. Register here.