Salem Quarterly Meeting

May 23-30, 2020
10:00 a.m. to 12 noon, via Zoom


On May 23, gather for worship, announcements, request for approval of travel minute(s), request for support for BHFH grant application, request for SQ Nominating Committee, re-orientation of Salem Funds priorities for spring 2020, first reading of minute from Wellesley Friends Meeting, first report from Salem Quarter "Forms" Working Group.

One Week seasoning period (for Nominating Committee request, minute from Wellesley, possible proposal from Working Group) to include scheduled listening/threshing sessions to be held on line, via phone, and opportunity for emailed input. 

On May 30, second reading of minute from Wellesley and discernment of sense of the Quarter; approval of Nominating Committee members and timeline; any proposal from Working Group. 

The hope is that given that challenge that we cannot be together in the same space—we can employ additional time for listening, threshing, seasoning, and discernment. 

A detailed agenda including Zoom links and language for Grant Priorities will be sent out soon.  Please know that we are not accepting applications for Outreach grants at this time.

Kristina Keefe-Perry