Quaker Sampler: Virtual Workshop Series 2020

May 23, 2020
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


This is a gathering for new Quakers and the Quaker-curious (and anybody else who might want to sneak in).  Using QuakerSpeak as an entry point—short videos featuring Quakers who are sharing their own stories—we’ll have a choose-your-own-adventure day.  Want to explore peace?  We can do that.  Spirituality of children?  Absolutely.  You’ll have a chance to dip your toe in a number of subjects, from history to worship to discernment to activism.  Sometimes you’ll listen, and sometimes you’ll share your own perspective.

To guard against Zoom fatigue and talking-head syndrome, we’ll engage with the videos in a variety of ways.  Sometimes you’ll answer a query in discussion.  Other times, you’ll have a few minutes to write in silence or to doodle your response.  We might also break into partners or trios sometimes.  It’s all about fun and flexibility.

Here’s a full list of topics that you’ll have to choose from, and we’ll engage with as many as we can, as the group is led: all-age community, Bible and Christianity, branches of Quakerism, climate justice, discernment, God and Spirit, history, LGBTQI+, ministry, money and economics, peace, Quaker basics, Quaker meetings in practice, Quaker spirituality, race and racism, spiritual journeys, witness, and worship.

Regina Baird Haag is Co-Executive Director at Elsie K. Powell House, Inc. Regina has facilitated several PoHo book discussions or retreats, portrayed Professor Sprout at “A Year at Hogwarts”, and totally enjoys hosting PoHo events. She is recorded in the ministry among Friends and a member of Old Chatham Quaker Meeting. Regina loves her family, camping, hiking, biking, singing and The Ohio State University Buckeyes!

Emily Provance is a member of Fifteenth Street Meeting and thinks of New York City as home, though she now travels in the ministry full time. She came to Friends after seventeen years of searching for a faith community. She understands the Religious Society of Friends to be a covenant community and has spent time with Friends from various branches of the tradition in Kenya, Belize, Britain, Ireland, Tanzania, Palestine, Mexico, Peru, and the United States.  She is an associate of Good News Associates.

Register online at the Powell House website.