February 20, 2020

Sacred Ground for Decolonizing: Stories about Climate Action

7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Beacon Hill Friends House
8 Chestnut St
Boston, MA
United States

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Mey Hasbrook (Kalamazoo, MI, Friends Meeting) will lead a session about climate action through personal stories from Quakers.

Together in this interactive workshop, we will explore climate action in spiritual practice, in sacred experience, and as pathways that decolonize and connect communities. The audience will be invited to tell their own stories privately in pairs and try out a simple hands-on creative activity. Our art objects will become part of the traveling installation "In Relation," which is dedicated to right relationship with the Earth.

Mey is an artist who develops eco-practices among communities and travels in the ministry under the care of Kalamazoo Friends Monthly Meeting (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting). She identifies as a mixed blood of Celtic Irish and Cherokee Descent.

Joining her are Frederick Martin (Beacon Hill Friends Meeting), who carries a concern for climate and engages in climate actions with the Climate Disobedience Center; and Stephen Gates (West Falmouth, MA, Friends Meeting), who is helping Friends and others to decide which climate actions to take.

You can learn more about Mey’s work at

This event will be held in the parlor at Beacon Hill Friends House. This room is not wheelchair accessible; if you want to attend but the room is a barrier for you, please email Jen at [email protected]

This event is free and open to the public! 

Tea, water and light refreshments will be provided. Complimentary child care is available for this event upon request (just email Jen).

Program Manager
Jennifer Higgins-Newman