February 22, 2020

FWCC Sustainability Conference

An Online Conference


The conference is called: "FWCC Sustainability: An Online Conference with Friends Worldwide. How does God call us to act?"

Since 2007, FWCC has been working on a global response to climate change, culminating in the 2012 Kabarak Call for Peace and Eco-Justice, and in the 2016 Pisac Sustainability Minute. These have led to exploring the work Quakers are doing on sustainability across the world, asking Friends and Yearly Meetings to take action to promote sustainability at all levels.

Designed for learning and discernment, the conference will allow us to learn and to gather the Quaker voice, discovering how God is calling us to collectively act. 

Wanted: Sustainability Case Studies

We want Friends to be inspired by what other Friends are working on around the world and come to understand how climate change affects us all in different ways. As Friends we can lead by example, opening and learning from each other. 

Across the world we are affected by the human impacts of climate change in different ways. Likewise, our resources and skills are differently suited to doing what we can. For example, some change their lifestyle, choose to divest from fossil fuels, or join an activist group, while others pray and speak to policy leaders, and others are building resiliency to the changes they face. We are all able to do something and recognize that God calls us in many ways.

At FWCC we define sustainability in the broadest sense. This includes concerns around climate change, peace, depletion of natural resources, human rights and economic justice. It is in this way that we are all able to engage with the human impacts of climate change in some way.

FWCC asks you:
  • To join us for the online sustainably conference on February 22nd.
  • To share the news of the conference with Friends in your meeting, church, and with others concerned for the earth.
  • To submit any new case studies to [email protected]

Find out more about the conference on the FWCC website 

Register for the conference online