February 28-March 1, 2020

Building a Culture of Multi-Age Inclusion


Powell House
524 Pitt Hall Rd
Old Chatham, NY 12136
United States

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The spiritual principles of Quakerism are timeless and ageless, but our cultural practices often are not. We’re in the habit of doing things certain ways, and sometimes, these habits make it tough for younger Friends—and, sometimes, for older Friends—to be full participants in our communities. Using a bunch of different hands-on strategies, we’ll spend the weekend exploring twelve “culture flips.” If you'd like to know a little more about the kinds of things we'll be talking about, take a look at this website.

Presenter: Emily Provance is a member of 15th Street Monthly Meeting (NYYM). She tries to see where the systems and practices that we have developed are supporting God's purposes and where those systems and practices might be getting in the way, across the the Religious Society of Friends. She is an associate of Good News Associates, a nonprofit Christian ministry organization supporting individuals who are called to non-institutional ministries.

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• Childcare available with 3 weeks notice

Powell House