February 7-9, 2020

Brent Bill: Beauty, Truth, Life, and Love

Pilgrimage on Positive Spirituality


Powell House
524 Pitt Hall Rd
Old Chatham, NY 12136
United States

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Many of us are not living abundantly in an age of material abundance. But there is a way to live a balanced, deeply satisfying, and rich life. That way is incorporating beauty, truth, life, and love. In this retreat you'll be:

  • reawakened to the fact that everyday life can be infused with God-drenched meaning.
  • be inspired and motivated to live a more Spirit-centered existence drenched in beauty, truth, life, and love.
  • be encouraged to see stories of the beauty, truth, life, love in your own story.

Join us for this journey away from duty and obligation and onto a journey into Brent's latest book: Beauty, Truth, Life, and Love: Four Essentials for the Abundant Life.

Brent Bill is a life-long Friend who is a recorded minister, writer, and retreat leader. In addition to Life Lessons from a Bad Quaker, Brent is also the author of Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality; Sacred Compass: the Way of Spiritual Discernment; and numerous other books. He's a graduate of Wilmington College and Earlham School of Religion. He lives in rural Indiana. Visit his website at

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Childcare available with 3 weeks notice.