February 18-March 4, 2020

Art Exhibit: In Relation


Beacon Hill Friends House
6 Chestnut St
Boston, MA 02108
United States

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The arts installation is dedicated to Right Relationship, connecting care of the Earth and human community. Its inspiration arises from the ministry carried by Mey Hasbrook, Kalamazoo (MI) Friends Meeting.

In Relation combines mobiles, natural objects, and mixed media. The work’s current stage of development include sections of “The Garden” (mobiles), “The Grandmothers” (mobiles + floor object), and “Water” (floor objects). More stages are being designed including multimedia. This project is evolving. The artwork began in 2018 in the US, the UK, and Ireland. 

The process for growing the installation is multi-stepped. Mey has created a series of art objects. Some items have been prepped for use with groups. Artist-only and group objects are combined in varied arrangements. The wider installation is made from multiple sections of many objects, while a demo version combines fewer items.

Affordable and environmentally friendly materials are featured: nontoxic media (watercolor, crayons); found objects and re-used items (puzzles, game pieces); beeswax (encaustic medium) and natural items (milkweed, seeds); handmade plant papers and alpaca yarn from Peru.