February 14-16, 2020

Annual Winter Wonderland

An unprogrammed weekend


Powell House
524 Pitt Hall Rd
Old Chatham, NY 12136
United States

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Come for an unprogrammed weekend! Bring yourself, your family, and your friends to an open weekend this winter. You’ll be sojourning at Pitt Hall. We’ll feed you at regular intervals and be here to answer questions—but otherwise your time is your own.

Who knows what the weather will be? Sometimes there’s snow; other times spring flowers are popping! Here are some possible activities for you. Bring your own equipment though:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Reading 
  • Downhill skiing nearby
  • Sledding 
  • Sitting in front of a fire
  • Walking to the bird sanctuary
  • Puzzles and games

Find out more and register on the Powell House website.

Powell House