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The Doctrine of Discovery: A Journey of Healing

The Doctrine of Discovery (DOD), undertaken by Christians under the mantle of Catholic then Christian expansionism and continues as the basis of US Federal Indian law today, visited terrible suffering on  indigenous people world-wide. In February 2012, the World Council of Churches denounced the doctrine  declaring it a violation of human rights. Four Yearly Meetings, including New England, have repudiated the DOD.

Standing Rock and the Doctrine of Discovery

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The Journey of Healing

NEYM has embarked on “a journey to consider the moral and spiritual implications of how we benefit from and have been harmed by the doctrine as individuals and meetings” (see minute). Currently two different  workshops engage Friends in this study about something that directly effects people here in New England and  our integrity as Friends. These experiences are designed to lay the foundation for a five phase process grounded in wisdom traditions that are shared by many diverse people, cultures, and faiths.

  • Acknowledging a wrong
  • Making an apology
  • Acceptance of the apology
  • Making amends
  • Moving forward together  

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