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A Gift for the Future of Friends

Dec 17, 2014
Martha Schwope, Wellesley (MA) Friends Meeting

Dear Friends, 

As a parent, an active member of my local meeting, and a Quaker for 
almost 30 years, I love the way New England Yearly Meeting is growing the future of Friends. Here are just a few examples of how we do this work together. 

We provide opportunities for young Quakers to connect with one another year-round—at youth retreats, Friends Camp, Annual Sessions, and in the wider world. 

With the loving oversight of gifted mentors, our children are growing in the Light, forging lifelong friendships, and building enduring communities. Anna Lindo of Framingham Monthly Meeting shared her experience participating in retreats: 

The impact NEYM has had on me? I could write a million words about that! But I can try to consolidate a bit ... here goes: 

Youth retreats through NEYM are a safe space for learning about and expressing myself, which can be ridiculously hard to come by as a teenager. Now that I’m older I have the chance to staff those retreats, giving back to the community and exploring my ministry working with children. 

We develop dynamic Quaker resources for our First Day Schools and Monthly Meetings. 

Our staff and committee members provide curriculum ideas and materials to teachers, offer guidance and tools for outreach, and extend one-to-one support when requested. Sally Fritz thanked NEYM and Beth Collea, our Religious Education & Outreach Coordinator, for needed resources: 

The material you sent has really made a hit, at West Falmouth Meeting and yesterday at Quarterly Mtg. I’m sure you’ll be getting requests. Thank you for your wonderful creation! 

We support Quaker teachers and children through relationships with Friends around the world. 

Last May, Kenya Casanova Sales of Cuba Yearly Meeting described the search for Quaker resources for their First Day Schools. 

[In Cuba] we are in need of materials, especially Quaker materials. Sometimes we have used material from other churches, but … sometimes they don’t have the kind of teachings that we need for our children. Sometimes they are based in a God that punishes people and this is not what we want to teach. 

Friends from NEYM’s Friends World Committee for Consultation, Puente de Amigos, and Quaker Youth Education Committees responded to Kenya’s call, working with support from Obadiah Brown’s Benevolent Fund to translate Friends General Conference’s Faith and Play curriculum into Spanish, making foundational Quaker stories and resources available to Latin American Friends for the first time. Here is an excerpt from a thank-you note written by Bolivian Friend Emma Condori: 

This Spirit-led material for Sunday Schools/First Day schools and for Quaker religious education will bring lots of blessings for the Quaker youth ministry among Spanish-speaking Friends. Only God put in your heart love and strength to work on this project for youth ministry. Thank you to all of you, Friends. 

I am also grateful for these ministries—and I’m excited for how we can all work together to help them unfold and grow in the coming year. 

Will you join me, Emma, Kenya, Sally and Anna in giving thanks? And will you join me in making a financial gift to support Quaker youth and families, educational resources and the vitality of our local meetings in the coming year? 

Click here to give securely online

We are blessings to one another! 

Martha Schwope 
Wellesley (MA) Friends Meeting 
For the NEYM Development Committee 

P.S. Friends contribute to these ministries in many ways. Here are just two that will especially support our efforts to build a firm financial foundation for NEYM. The GiveMonthly program allows us to make a reliable ongoing gift in line with our budgets, sustaining our Yearly Meeting throughout the year. Including NEYM in estate plans will ensure support of future generations of youth in the Quaker tradition. Click here to learn more.

Remember, every gift counts. Thank you again for your support! 

P.P.S. Please hold the work of our Yearly Meeting in your prayers for the coming year. Our new website at will keep you up to date on events, news and our continuing work throughout New England and beyond. 

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