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2017 Annual Report

Sep 15, 2017

The Development Committee is pleased to report that we successfully met our goal for individual giving to NEYM for FY 2016 (last year’s budget). Donations by individuals totaled $137,135 ($2,135 more than our stretch goal of $135,000). Thanks to all who gave so generously last year!

Those gifts were given by 342 households. Total giving increased from the previous year, but we have work to do to help improve the consistency of giving—the number of households who give every year. If everyone who has given in the past few years gave an annual gift, we would be in very strong financial position to support of shared ministries!   

On the subject of helping our giving be more consistent: As of July 2017 100 households are GiveMonthly Sustainers; they’ve signed up for an automatic, recurring and budget-friendly gift each month. Monthly giving now accounts for 28% of individual and household giving annually, which is wonderful! We thank all of these Friends for their faithful and steady commitment to supporting our shared ministries, and encourage everyone to consider monthly giving going forward.

Monthly giving helps with planning, reduces anxiety, and helps each of us give more than we otherwise could by fitting financial support of our wider faith community into our budgets in any amount. If this way of giving is right for your situation, you can sign up securely online at

Together we are living into our newly articulated mission to support and strengthen the vibrant and growing web of monthly meetings, quarterly meetings and other Friends communities under our care, helping us do together what we cannot do alone. 

As of this writing, together we’ve contributed and pledged $68,180—48% of our FY 2017 goal of $142,400.  This means we have roughly $74,220 to go before the end of the fiscal year to reach our budgeted goal.  While we know most of our annual giving historically happens near the end of the fiscal year between Annual Sessions and September 30, each year we rely on your faithful support, and the last months of the fiscal year can be an exercise in faith!

If you or your family have not yet contributed to New England Yearly Meeting since October 1, 2016 (this fiscal year), please consider giving generously before September 2017. We will have some exciting news to share at Sessions that we hope will be an encouragement.  

At Sessions, look for a report on some of the many ways that our Yearly Meeting organization has been striving recently to support and strengthen the Quaker movement in New England, and all the ways in which our organization continues to become clearer, more focused, and more effective at fulfilling its mission.  And then, please support your Yearly Meeting with a financial gift! 

Consider some of the many ways NEYM has moved toward better fulfilling our purpose:

  • inauguration of semi-annual day-long Living Faith gatherings,
  • strengthening our youth retreat programs and explore new models of youth ministry,
  • launch of our monthly email newsletter, now one year on
  • implementation of changes to the governance of Friends Camp and closer integration of the Camp with our other Youth Ministries and programs,
  • a whole range of growing-edge efforts toward outreach, welcome, and inclusion which are helping  monthly meetings to thrive,
  • the vast amounts of passion, energy, and talent unleashed and supported by grants from the Legacy Gift fund (see their report),
  • broad and deep review of how our committees and structures for service can more fully support the ministry of Friends,

...and so many other initiatives that demonstrate how New England Yearly Meeting of Friends as an organization is becoming more responsive to and supportive of the web of Quaker communities across our region.

This has been an important year of transition and capacity-building for the Development Committee as we have sought to strengthen the Yearly Meeting’s ability to ensure financial support for the ministries of New England Friends. As part of the review of Purposes and Procedures of Committees, we’ve refocused the charge of the Development Committee to better do what’s needed now, integrate more effectively with the staff and other groups, and embrace the Yearly Meeting’s bold vision for the future. We’ll be living into this in the coming year in partnership with many others. 

During business meeting at Sessions, we will:

  • Present a path for the coming year to clearly articulate our corporate ministries, plan for both their present and their future, and sustainably fund them;
  • Share details of an exciting new challenge grant fund of $50,000 that has been created by a group of committed New England Friends to help guide the Yearly Meeting toward financial stability and sustainability;
  • Share news of first steps toward an intentional planned giving program to help ensure the future of New England Friends;
  • Share some of the ways the Development Committee will be working in the coming year to offer education, encouragement and support to our local meetings around issues of financial sustainability, fundraising and stewardship;
  • Describe NEYM’s courageous goals moving forward, and strategies to meet them together.

We also welcome your participation in the ongoing process of developing a distinctly Quaker approach to fundraising in support of our shared ministries; an approach grounded in our faith and aligned with our values, one that fosters trust, abundance, joy and faithful stewardship.

We look forward to offering opportunities for this living conversation at Sessions and around New England in the coming year.

Thank you as always for your generous and faithful support of our shared ministries.

Sara Smith, Concord (NH) Friends Meeting, outgoing clerk of Development, 
Chris Gant, Beacon Hill (Boston, MA) Friends Meeting, rising clerk of Development

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