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2016 Annual Report

Oct 7, 2016
Sara Smith, clerk

We are counting our blessings after a very successful year in individual giving to NEYM. Although it is hard to know exactly why people have given, much of it seems to be in response to the $10,000 matching challenge by two New England Friends. Donations totaled $134,746 (initial goal, $125,000) of which $42,458 met the terms of the match for new or increased donations. Those gifts came from 170 households, with 46 giving for the first time. In total we had 302 donor households, up from 257 in FY 2014. Thank you to our challenge donors and to everyone else who gave. This is great news!

As part of this new giving, we added 17 new Give Monthly donors, which is a huge increase. Give Monthly now accounts for 28% of our individual giving goal, which is awesome. It really is a way to give that is very affordable and easy to budget for. I thank those Friends for their steady commitment to Yearly Meeting.

A big “Thank You” to all who gave last year!

As I write this though, donations are down from where they were last year at this time. In spite of a beautiful card with artwork by Tom Antonik, we have not received the support we need. At this time, we have received only about 28% of our goal of $135,000. I am sure that if everyone who gave in the last couple years made a donation, we could make it.

If you have not given this fiscal year, consider what those donations mean. Not only are you making Sessions affordable for all; many other vital programs need support. Think about our wonderful youth programs. They are vital for our future, yet we cannot charge families for the true cost of them. Both the programs and family support staff provides are invaluable. We all need to support them, as they nurture the next generation. NEYM also supports monthly meetings in more ways than I can list. But I do want to mention the amazing work being done to strengthen outreach, welcome and inclusion. This also is vital to building the future of New England Friends. As you look through the rest of these documents, I am sure you will find something that you think is worthy of your support. I hope that, with your help, by September 30th we will have made our goal of $135,000 for this fiscal year.

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