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2015 Annual Report

Dec 22, 2015
Sara Smith, clerk

First of all, we are excited to announce that two generous New England Friends have offered our Yearly Meeting a “Live into Hope—Give in Faith” $10,000 Challenge Grant this year. These Friends see signs of increased vitality in our Yearly Meeting and want to know if you feel the same. They are willing to put $10,000 into this new life if we all step forward with an equal commitment. Will you match their generosity by giving for the first time (in the last three years) or by contributing more than you did last year?

The committee is excited to meet this challenge with the new skills and techniques we have gained over the past few years. Building on what we learned in past trainings and workshops, we continued to educate ourselves around spirit-led and effective fundraising through a retreat and a morning-long workshop with professional Quaker fundraiser Jennie Isbell. We continue to work closely with our Yearly Meeting secretary and Yearly Meeting clerk on intelligent, targeted development within the Yearly Meeting. Staff members Jeff Hipp and Sara Hubner have provided a useful new tool we have long looked forward to, a database which tracks giving, a necessary tool for tracking new and increased donations for the challenge grant.

Thanks all of you so much for your individual donations, which far exceeded our 2014 fundraising goal of $110,000—instead you gave $134,764, 123% of our budgeted goal. And we believe we can do even better! The Development Committee remains committed to helping the Yearly Meeting strengthen our fiscal base by building habits of generous giving, a primary goal of this challenge grant. Please consider giving for the first time, or increasing your gift, and help us meet this challenge grant and prove our challenge donors right: we have visions for our Yearly Meeting!

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