Clerks Table Nominating


The Clerks Table Nominating Committee recommends Friends to serve as Presiding Clerk, recording clerks, and reading clerks of New England Yearly Meeting. These recommendations are presented to Permanent Board. If Permanent Board approves them, they are passed on to Sessions for final action.

The Committee acts as a support committee and sounding board for the Presiding Clerk and, when requested to act as such, is available as a clearness committee. The Clerks Table Nominating Committee forms a support committee for the Presiding Clerk which includes a past Presiding Clerk, a member of the Presiding Clerk’s home meeting, and at least one additional Friend. The Clerks Table Nominating Committee is a subcommittee of the Permanent Board.


In discerning names of Friends to serve as recording and reading clerks, the Clerks Table Nominating Committee will consult with the Presiding Clerk on the gifts the Presiding Clerk sees as necessary to support the functioning of the Clerks Table as it supports the discernment of the Yearly Meeting at Annual Sessions.

Recognizing the importance of an effective collaborative relationship between the Presiding Clerk and members of Coordinating & Advisory (C&A) Committee, care is also taken to support both consultation and confidentiality in the discernment process for Presiding Clerk:

  • In discerning names of Friends to serve as Presiding Clerk, the Clerks Table Nominating Committee will consult with C&A for input on the gifts and qualities C&A sees as needed by the Yearly Meeting in the next Presiding Clerk.
  • When Clerks Table Nominating is clear to invite a Friend to consider serving in this essential role, the invitation should be presented to the prospective nominee as “entering into a process of mutual discernment” with the Clerks Table Nominating Committee, without a guarantee either of the acceptance of the nomination or of the final invitation to serve.
  • During this mutual discernment process, the prospective nominee should consult with currently serving members of C&A in order to fully understand the scope of the Presiding Clerk’s responsibilities (recognizing that the Presiding Clerk also serves as clerk of C&A) and to become familiar with the current nature of the work shepherded by C&A on behalf of the Yearly Meeting. The prospective nominee should also be encouraged to consult with other Friends who have served as Presiding Clerk in the past.
  • Both the prospective nominee and members of C&A should feel free to share any questions or concerns arising in their consultation with Clerks Table Nominating Committee to inform that body’s prayerful discernment. Otherwise, the identity of the prospective nominee should be held in confidence by members of C&A.
  • After such consultation has taken place, if there is mutual clarity between the prospective nominee and Clerks Table Nominating Committee, Clerks Table Nominating Committee will bring the nomination to the Permanent Board.    
  • Clerks Table Nominating should endeavor to bring forward a name for Presiding Clerk to the Permanent Board and then to Annual Sessions one year prior to the start of the new Presiding Clerk’s term, in order to allow for a year as “rising clerk,” during which the incoming clerk can “shadow” the outgoing clerk, including attending at least one meeting of C&A and of the Permanent Board. In all cases, Clerks Table Nominating should seek patiently to discern God’s will in calling a Friend to this service, rather than making a decision due to time pressures.   


Up to eight members appointed by Internal Nominating Committee of Permanent Board, divided into classes of two members each serving four-year terms.  The clerk of Clerks Table Nominating Committee is approved by Permanent Board at the recommendation of Internal Nominating Committee of Permanent Board

Judy Goldberger