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Chapter 4: Outreach

The community beyond the meeting will learn most about the beliefs and practices of Friends from the lives and demeanor of Friends in its midst. Meetings should, nevertheless, take explicit steps to make themselves accessible and welcoming to seekers and to others in the community who wish to learn of Friends' experience of God. Some meetings may wish to assign particular responsibility for outreach to Ministry and Counsel or to a special committee, but all Friends should welcome opportunities to share their faith.

Notices, whether signs or advertisements, should regularly inform the community of the time and place of Friends' meeting for worship and of its being open to all interested attenders. Visitors should be greeted and made welcome. Brief leaflets and pamphlets explaining the meeting for worship and the distinctive beliefs and practices of Friends should be available and offered. Visitors should be invited to speak about their spiritual interests and concerns with appropriate members of the meeting and should be encouraged to attend frequently enough to discover whether the meeting may offer and provide them a spiritual home. Friends should be alert to the readiness of attenders for membership and invite them to apply.

Participation in local ecumenical activities may permit meetings both to be enriched by and to enrich the total spiritual life of their communities. Meeting-sponsored public gatherings and observances may also offer occasions for Friends to share their faith and witness.

To share the religious experience of Friends and to answer the spiritual needs of others are the goals of our outreach and may become blessings both to others and to ourselves.

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