Caring for Oneself and Others

We want Sessions to be as safe and fulfilling for Friends as possible and there are a number of ways we can help support your attendance at Sessions:

Will I be able to find something to eat?

If you have medical dietary needs that you did not indicate at the time of registration, you should seek out the Sessions/Access Needs coordinator, Jana Noyes-Dakota, as early as possible to see whether they can be accommodated. 

Will I be able to get around campus?

Golf Cart Shuttles for mobility challenged folks will be available from Saturday lunch through Thursday lunch at major transition times between dorms, dining hall, and program spaces.  In addition there are handicapped parking space available on campus for anyone with a state issued handicapped placard. Not all dorms have elevators so please let us know on your registration if being in a dorm with one would support your stay.

Will I be welcomed?

While we hope to offer a welcome in the Spirit to all who hope to participate, we know there are a number of ways f/Friends may feel marginalized or unwelcome at Sessions. We are continuing the intentional, imperfect work of extending an invitation to all Friends.

There will be opportunities for BIPOC Friends to gather for before and during Sessions, if you would like more information please check the box on your registration form.

There are posted gender neutral bathrooms in the campus buildings and NEYM-signed gender neutral bathrooms in some dormitories.  Please let us know on your registration if being near one would support your time at Sessions.