Call to Urgent, Loving Action: Resources for Engagement

At New England Friends' Annual Sessions in 2020, we wrestled with what our faith and the Divine require of us in this time of great upheaval and widespread atrocity, both for humans and the planet.

Friends approved a Call to Urgent Loving Action, the full text of which is in the downloads section below. 

This Call, naming the interconnected nature of “systemic problems of racism, social injustice, violence, greed, and failure to act on the climate crisis,” asks Friends in New England to engage in discernment and action over the coming year. How are individuals and monthly meetings called to respond to these multiple, interconnected crises?

Below you will find resources to support you and your meeting in discernment and action, inspired by this call.

A small group of Friends have been appointed to shepherd and support this initiative. To be connected with them, please contact [email protected]. As we hear back from local meetings about how they are engaging in this call, we will share responses on this page.

Video Reading of the Call to Urgent, Loving Action

Hear the Call as it was originally shared with New England Friends by watching this video created by the Earthcare Ministries and Racial, Social, and Economic Justice Committees.

Call to Urgent, Loving Action for the Earth and Her Inhabitants

File Downloads

Clerk's Message

An October 2021 letter from the Yearly Meeting presiding clerk, Bruce Neumann, with further information and guidance about the Apology

Call to Action

The text of the approved Call to Action from Sessions 2020

Queries to Assist with Discernment of Social and Climate Justice Action

This two-page handout, compiled by our Racial, Social, and Economic Justice and Earthcare Ministry Committees, offers queries for engagement in this work.

Resources for Climate and Racial Justice

Suggested resources on climate and racial justice from our Earthcare Ministries and Racial, Social, and Economic Justice Committees

Slides for Quarterly Meetings on Call to Action

A colorful 15-slide presentation explaining the Call to Action and how Monthly and Quarterly Meetings can live into it

Slides on New England Friends and Climate Action

A 19-slide presentation on New England Friends engagement with climate justice in recent years and an overview of the Call to Action

Northampton (MA) Meeting Response to Call to Action

A February 2021 report from Northampton (MA) Meeting’s Nuclear Disarmament and Climate Action and the Racial Justice Working Groups in response to New England Yearly Meeting’s Call to Urgent, Loving Action

Videos: A Way Your Meeting Can Share Its Response

As Friends in New England, an important part of living into this Call is by sharing with others about the steps we are led to take as individuals and as worshipping communities. 

As one way to share, your meeting is invited to share a short (3-5 minute) video about your discernment and action addressing systemic racism and the climate crisis. If you would like to share a video or request assistance in creating one, please contact [email protected]

We hope the videos below offer encouragement and useful information for your journey.

Introduction to Call to Action Videos
Sandwich (MA) Meeting's Native Land Reparation
New Haven (CT) Meeting's Food Recovery
Narrimissic Valley (ME) Meeting's Reduced Carbon Footprint
East Sandwich (MA) Meeting Confronting Homelessness

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