Attending Sessions on Campus

In August we plan to gather at Castleton University for Annual Sessions. We will be gathering in person and online, although not all of Sessions will be offered online.  

  • A COVID Safety Plan is posted here. Participants at Castleton will need to show proof of vaccination and those who are not fully vaccinated due to age or medical exemption will need to test when arriving on campus.  Masks will be required in many indoor spaces. This is covered in much more detail in our COVID protocol. 
  • Some things will not be “back to normal.”  If you are used to having the same room, in the same dorm, with the same folks down the hall, please consider that it may not be possible this year due to a variety of factors.
  • We see all around us how hard the past two years have been on people. The Friends who work on and volunteer for Sessions are no different—please be understanding, please be patient.
  • Be kind and generous with f/Friends who will have to decide what they do and do not consider safe for themselves and their families.  A f/Friend's decision to mask above the requirements in the protocol will be respected.
  • Some things will be “back to normal.” Meals will be in the dining halls with outdoor tents for folks who would rather be outside. The bookstores will be back in their places and preparations are already underway. The Coffee Cottage will be available as a space for worship and prayer. The youth programs will be in full swing.
  • Some things are improved. The Fine Arts Center has undergone a thorough cleaning of its air-handling system and has increased filtration to meet the new standards for air cleaning. The auditorium is wired for Zoom, which should allow off-site participation in many large gatherings. We will be the only group on campus, so things should be a bit less crowded than they have been in years when we shared space with other groups.