New England Yearly Meeting

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Anchor Groups


Anchor Groups are small groups (10-12 people) with a mixed membership representing the diversity of our Yearly Meeting community.  They meet for reflection, discussion and worship, and they serve as a "home base" to return to each day, providing a place for grounding and deeper sharing.  We particularly encourage first-time attenders to sign up for these groups, as they are a great opportunity for making meaningful connections with other Friends.

Anchor Groups have their own dedicated time slot in the schedule, and on most days, they meet for 75 minutes in the afternoon.

Friends have the opportunity to decide, at the time of registration, whether they want to be part of an Anchor Group or not. If you select 'Yes', you will be placed in an Anchor Group for all the days you are attending Sessions.  If you choose not to participate in an Anchor Group, then that period will be "free time."

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