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2014 Annual Report

Dec 22, 2015
Eleanor Cappa, co-clerk

The Committee on Aging offered an introduction to the Aging Resources Consultation and Help(ARCH) Outreach Program at NEYM 2013. This program uses trained Quaker volunteers to assist the elderly and disabled in the Quaker community. ARCH visitors are provided with information relevant to their location regarding community programs and assistance.

One of our members attended a first training session and reported back to the committee. We believe there is a need that we could meet in NEYM for supporting our aging and disabled members in a way that is consistent with our Quaker faith and practice. It is our goal to see if there is enough energy within Yearly Meeting to put this program into effect. A great amount of help and guidance will come from Friends Foundation for the Aging and the collaborative project of New York and Philadelphia Yearly meetings.

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