New England Yearly Meeting

A community of Quakers and Quaker meetings across New England.

2019 Directory

The Yearly Meeting Directory is published annually to provide useful information about NEYM to Friends who are staff, meeting clerks and contacts, or serve on Yearly Meeting committees. The Directory has evolved in recent years and this year is being published only in digital form—saving the costs of printing, packaging, and mailing and also eliminating the waste of mailing the Directory to many Friends who don’t use it.

The content that formerly made up the Directory is posted here for downloading in sections or as a complete document. Please note that the Yearly Meeting has developed a data privacy policy, and consistent with that new clarification of our approach to privacy, we are not posting online the list of email addresses and phone numbers. You can get that list by requesting it from the Yearly Meeting office.

Please note that this list contains only limited contact information for people we have been informed are serving in formal roles that are listed in the Directory. It is not a comprehensive list of Friends active with the organization of New England Yearly Meeting, in public ministry, or participating in wider Quaker events throughout New England and beyond.

If you are seeking contact information for a particular Friend, please feel free to contact the Office Manager, and we will be happy to help put you in contact. We will be reviewing the function and purpose of the Directory in the coming year with an eye to adapting the way information is published and shared to better serve the needs of Friends.

For current news around the Yearly Meeting, we encourage you to sign up for the monthly newsletter. Our events calendar lists committee meetings, youth retreats, and many other events of interest to Friends.

The files below are designed to be printed on letter-size (8-1/2 x 11) paper, double-sided.

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